Charlie Sheen: I Dreamt I Had AIDS Many Years Ago

Sheen spoke to Dr. Oz that he's ready to start a new life.

Charlie Sheen is opening up to Dr. Oz about his HIV diagnosis and he's ready to start a new life.

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For a new episode of his show, the TV doctor made a house call to Sheen and asked: “Did you ever wake up here and say ‘This is enough? I can't live like this anymore?’

“Yes but it happened as I was flying back from New York,” Sheen replied.

Dr. Oz and Sheen even took a jog in the actor’s neighborhood. An out-of-breath Sheen spoke about a dream he had many years ago.

Sheen admitted that in the dream: “I was wearing this long medallion and it had one word on it.”

Oz asked: “What did it say?”

“It was one word in red. It said AIDS.”

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Dr. Oz told Sheen that he had to give up drinking if he was serious about getting healthy, saying: “In his house where he had that famous bar next to his bedroom. All the booze is gone. It is in the garage but at least it’s not where he can get it easily.”

So, can Sheen really leave his wild lifestyle behind?

The doctor admitted: “I don't know if he is ready to be the new Charlie Sheen. I do know that he is struggling desperately.”

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