Woman's Hilarious Interview on Live Local News Has Viewers Laughing Nationwide

An Oklahoma woman whose apartment building caught fire managed to remain upbeat as news cameras rolled.

A fire broke out in an Oklahoma apartment complex on Sunday and one resident's hilarious response on local news has viewers laughing nationwide.

KOTV in Tulsa spoke to Michelle Dobyne on Sunday after a fire in the Casa Linda Apartments caused all 100 or so residents of the building to lose power.

There were no injuries, but Dobyne's hysterical recounting of events has left hundreds of thousands of viewers in stitches.

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Dobyne's tale began with a play-by-play of how she first realized there was a fire

While barely taking a breath, Dobyne told the camera she was making breakfast for herself and her baby when she noticed something was amiss.

After hearing a something 'poppin' and seeing a neighbor flee into the cold with a baby with no shoes on, Dobyne realized what was happening.

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At that point in the story, she delivered her most memorable line.

"Aw, man, the building...is on...fire,” Dobyne said on live TV.

She continued: “I said 'No, what?' I got my three kids and we bounced out. Nuh-uh, we ain't gon be in no fire. Not today."

Since the interview aired, it's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and on the KOTV sight.

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