The Shirt 'El Chapo' Wore In His Sean Penn Interview Is Flying Off the Shelves

El Chapo's shirt that he was photographed wearing for his Sean Penn interview is flying off the shelves.

The shirt Joaquin ‘ El Chapo’ Guzman was wearing when he was photographed with Sean Penn for his big Rolling Stone interview is now flying off the shelves.

The shirt, which costs $128, is sold at the Los Angeles store Barabas.

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Shawn, a store employee, told INSIDE EDITION: “The shirt has gone viral. It is crazy. It is sold out on our website. The website came down for a few times because of the traffic.”

He also added: “The most wanted man in the world is wearing our shirt. It is now the most wanted shirt in the world.”

The store is also giving away a shirt on social media. They posted an ad on Instagram saying they are giving a shirt away.

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On Monday night’s Daily Show, host Trevor Noah commented on the shirt.

Noah joked: “That is not the shirt you wear when you are trying to lie low. You can see that shirt from space. What is that El Chapo? You are running a multi-billion dollar drug cartel not hitting the late night buffet on a cruise ship.”

He added: “You are lucky Joan Rivers is dead, she would have had you arrested for a fashion crime.”

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