Watch as a Driver Whose Brother Is Riding on the Hood Crashes into Police Cruiser

Two Michigan men were having a brother's spat last week when a police dash cam caught them speeding toward, and crashing into, a cruiser.

Police dashcam video appears to show a shirtless man being carried on the hood of his brother's car before the vehicle slams right into the cruiser.

The Shelby Township Police Department in Michigan posted dashcam footage over the weekend of the two men they identified as brothers Savros and Minas Habib. They said the duo was in the middle of a brother's spat at the time of the incident.

Police said they were in the neighborhood responding to a domestic dispute call when they saw Savros riding atop the hood of the car as Minas sat behind the wheel.

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Police said when the officer parked his cruiser toward oncoming traffic, Minas failed to stop, reports CBS Detroit.

The video appears to show Savros as he's flung from the vehicle. He stumbles away as he realizes they've hit a police car.

That's when the brother identified as Minas exits the car and proceeds to argue with the officer over the incident.

Savros Habib was reportedly arrested and charged with domestic violence. Minas Habib, was reportedly initially charged with felonious assault with a vehicle, but that was changed by the prosecutor to reckless driving, Fox2Detroit reports.

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Police say the trouble began when the brothers were fighting in their home on Thursday. With police en route to the disturbance, Minas allegedly stole his brother's phone and attempted to drive off as his little brother held on to the car.

According to Deputy Chief Mark Coil, Minas saw the cruiser but continued driving anyway.

"If you listen to the video clearly, he says he was trying to get him off the car... It is my belief that he intended to strike the vehicle," the deputy chief said.

No injuries were reported, but Minas' car appears damaged in the dashcam footage.

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