These Restaurant Workers Go Wild Over Mistaken Lottery Win

The New Jersey restaurant workers erupted into celebrations when they thought they were millionaires.

That's the staff at a New Jersey restaurant celebrating what they thought was the moment they all became multi-millionaires in Saturday’s Powerball drawing.

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The surveillance camera captured the wild celebration inside Grissini’s of Engelwood Cliffs.

It turned out they were looking at the wrong numbers and they did not win anything.

Anthony DelGatto, the restaurant’s owner said: "The whole place went insane. The whole place was kissing and hugging. My bartender was actually in tears." 

DelGatto said many of his employees quit on the spot. "My valet parker said 'Get your own car, I am a millionaire now.' It was hilarious."

The moment they realized their mistake was also caught on camera.

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Across the country people are lining up to buy what they hope will be the golden ticket.

One woman in Texas got her neighbors to join her lottery pool and bought 685 tickets for Wednesday’s big drawing.

The clerk she bought the tickets from was astonished and asked “Are you serious?” 

The Powerball drawing takes place in a different city every week. On Wednesday night, the drawing will be held at the headquarters of the Florida Lottery in Tallahassee.

The balls and machines are kept under lock and key in a vault which is guarded by a police officer until moments before the appointed hour – 11 p.m. EST.

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