Firefighter Pretends He's Climbing into Burning Building To Propose to Girlfriend

Marshall Griffin knew his girlfriend wanted a good proposal story - so that's exactly what she got.

Marshall Griffin knew his girlfriend wanted a good proposal story - so that's exactly what she got.

The volunteer firefighter at the Snoqualmie Fire Department in Washington invited his girlfriend Lia to the firehouse to watch him as he took part in a training video.

Little did she know, it was all a ruse to give her the epic proposal she'd dreamed of.

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As a video by TAustin Photography shows, Marshall scaled a ladder to the top of a building, climbed through a window, raced to the roof and dropped a huge banner that read: "Lia, Will You Marry Me?"

Lia, 31, put her hands to her mouth in shock.

"I saw her reaction and it took my breath away," Marshall, 26, told INSIDE EDITION. "It went perfectly."

Lia nodded a yes - and once she got over the shock, he revealed her family had watched the entire show.

"She was very taken aback," he said. "She was overwhelmed."

Marshall told IE that the epic proposal came after weeks of planning and input from his family and colleagues - as well as a fair bit of lying.

Lia knew a proposal was just around the corner, so he told her he'd booked a special dinner for the weekend. Her sisters - who were in on the plan - suggested it might be the night he popped the question.

In fact, the firehouse proposal fell a day earlier, completely catching her off guard. And instead of booking the special dinner, he had actually organized an engagement party.

After such an impressive proposal, "I told her it's all downhill from here," he joked.

Marshall, who hopes they'll marry in the Fall, added that he's glad the special moment was caught on film.

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"The video is better than I could've imagined. Every time I see her reaction, I'm just like 'wow,'" he said.

The video was shared on Facebook on Tuesday and has since been viewed more than 100,000 times.

"I can't believe all the attention," Marshall said. "All I wanted was for her to have an experience that she would remember."

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