TV Trainer Gains 60 Pounds to Help Contestant Lose Weight

JJ Peterson piled on the pounds over three months so he could understand the experience of losing it again.

JJ Peterson has always been the picture of health but when he took on the task of helping a contestant lose weight on TV, he did something remarkable.

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Peterson actually gained 60 pounds so that he could understand how it felt for the contestant, 389-pound Ray Stewart, to shed the weight on the A&E show Fit To Fat To Fit.

To gain the weight, Peterson ate everything in sight.

“It was 6,300 calories a day [of] processed food, fast food, fried food,” he said. "I got a very small glimpse into what Ray was going through."

It took him four months to gain the weight and then both men began their journey to get fit. It wasn't easy.

Peterson said: “I get why people give up. It's so hard."

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Stewart lost 147 pounds and appreciates what Peterson did for him, saying: "I felt inspired that he was willing to go there for me."

And now Stewart says doing simple things brings him joy like "tying my shoe and talking at the same time."

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