Killer Wife Julie Harper: Giving Up Newborn Daughter Was the Hardest Part of Prison

Harper, who was jailed for killing her husband, spoke to INSIDE EDITION from behind bars.

Convicted husband killer Julie Harper tells INSIDE EDITION the worst aspect of prison life is not being able to see her baby girl.

"I miss my daughter so much, that's really the hardest part," she told IE in a jailhouse interview at her California prison.

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The San Diego mother of three was convicted in October of murdering her husband, Jason, a high school teacher she claimed had abused and raped her for decades.

Asked why she shot him to death instead of leaving, Harper replied, "Anytime I tried to run from him previously, he would always catch me and overpower me. I just wanted to stop him and you know, unfortunately, this is what happened."

Harper got pregnant after the killing, and claimed it was the result of IVF treatments.

"I felt like I was a good mom for so many years. I had so much love to give another child," she told IE.

Her two older children testified against her during her murder child.

Her 9-year-old daughter took the stand and said of her mother, "I don't like her."

The prosecutor asked "Why not?"

"Because she killed my father," the girl testified.

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The two, including a son, have disowned their mother.

Despite that, she still thinks they love her.

"I still don't think they think i am a horrible person. I think they remember all of the good things I did."

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