It's Over! Goat Who's Best Friends With Tiger is Removed From Enclosure

The goat and tiger that were unlikely friends inside a Russian zoo have no been separated.

The unlikely friendship between a tiger and goat is over. The duo has been separated.

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Timur the goat bonded with Amur the tiger when he was placed in Amur’s den to be eaten in November. The pair defied zoologists at Russia’s Far East Zoo and became fast friends.

But now, it seems the friendship is destined to end and they must be separated.

The owner of the zoo, Dmitry Mezentsev, said: "We have decided to fulfill two tasks — to carry out Timur's veterinary checks and to keep him safe from possible changes in the male tiger's behavior.”

The female tigers have entered a mating period, making male tigers more aggressive. The zoo fears the change in Amur's behavior could threaten Timur’s life.

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Since Timur has entered Amur’s den, the goat has gained 45 pounds and concerned caretakers at the zoo

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