Teen Gets 48 Head Stitches After 'Duct Tape Challenge' Goes Wrong: 'I Could Have Died'

Skylar Fish, 14, was taking part in the latest teen craze when he fell and smashed his head.

All over social media people are taking "The Duct Tape Challenge," wrapping themselves in the strong tape with sometimes horrible results. 

Skylar Fish spoke to INSIDE EDITION from his hospital bed after suffering a terrible accident while taking the challenge.  

The teenager from Washington said: “I was told that if it happened a different area I could have died.”

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He tried to wriggle free from the duct tape he was wrapped in and fell over, hitting his head on a window frame.

Fourteen-year-old Fish’s buddies called 911,and he later needed surgery to remove a blood clot in his brain. He has also lost the sight in one eye,and needed 48 stitches to his head.

Fish's mom, Sarah, said she was stunned when she found out about “The Duct Tape Challenge.”

“I had never heard of this 'till the accident,” she said. “I was shocked that he would even allow himself to be duct-taped.”

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She watched the horrific video of her son’s accident.

“The boys were freaked out by the whole thing, but they handled themselves. They called 911,” she said. “If he hit his face over an inch [from where he fell] he could have died on the spot.”

Fish says, "Don't do it. It’s not worth it.”

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