Inmates Foster Abandoned Dogs To Help One Another Prepare For A New Life In New Documentary

A new documentary,'Dogs On The Inside', follows inmates at a Massachusetts correctional facility and their relationships with abandoned dogs.

When abandoned stray dogs were placed int the care of inmates, an incredible thing happened; they taught each other how to prepare for a new life on the outside.

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A new documentary, Dogs On The Inside, follows prisoners at the North Central Correctional Institution and their relationships with neglected dogs.

“They came from a pretty bad life. Doesn’t seem that hard to find a connection, you know, they haven’t been shown love in a while,” an inmate in the video says while petting a dog.

The men are given the chance to take care of the abused stray dogs, and help them develop bonds of trust.

“You know when you’re in here people forget about you, I’m sure a lot of these dogs feel the same way that people forget about them,” an inmate shares.

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The prison is used as a foster home for the dogs awhile the inmates help prepare the strays to become well-trained members of a family once they are adopted. 

“We have always felt this special bond to dogs and wanted to share it with others,” the directors wrote in a statement. “In making this film, we found that we should care about these forgotten dogs and men. People do deserve another shot once they've paid for their crime. Dogs make our lives much better and we all can help them too by giving them love and a caring home.”

“In making this film, we hope to reaffirm people's faith in the goodness of humanity and move people deeply enough to see the power of a second chance.”

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