Friends Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton Campaign For Their Parents As Iowans Head to the Polls

Prior to the Iowa Caucus, the families of candidates took to campaign trail to drum up support for their parents.

The race for the White House is becoming a family affair as the children of high profile candidates are coming out to campaign for their parents.

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Donald Trump's daughter, Ivanka, posted a message on YouTube telling Iowans how the caucuses work.

Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is also on the campaign trail, stumping with her dad.

Chelsea and Ivanka have been pals for years and they have reportedly agreed not to let their parents' rivalry spoil their friendship.

The two are also expecting mothers and have reportedly arranged a play date for their newborns after the election.

Meanwhile, a new Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll puts Donald Trump ahead at 28 percent, with Ted Cruz at 23 percent.

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Hilary Clinton leads the Democratic field with 45 percent to Bernie Sanders' 42 percent.

The wives are also hitting the campaign trail.

Melania Trump has been supporting her husband all weekend in Iowa as Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi, took the stage with their children at various rallies over the weekend.

At one stop she told supporters at one stop: “Ted is incredibly sincere and thoughtful. And I want you to know as his wife, someone who knows him better than anyone else, he's that way at home, too.”

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