Orangutan is Finally Set Free After Being Chained to a Tree for 2 Years

An orangutan is now a free animal after it was illegally kept as a pet and chained to a tree for two years.

After two long years of being chained to a tree, Japik the orangutan has finally been set free.

Japik was being kept as a pet in the Southeast Asian island nation of Borneo, where it is illegal for someone to keep an orangutan.

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The orangutan had a short, heavy chain tightly around her neck and was given nothing but a narrow plank of wood to sit on, according to International Animal Rescue.

She had no shelter from the sun or rain but managed to protect herself from the harsh weather by using an old jacket as shelter.

After much outcry from animal rights groups, her owner surrendered the orangutan to the animal rescue group.

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When the rescue team arrived, they found the poor animal huddling under the old coat. After the team cut off the chain, they led her to a transport crate.

She is now being taken care of at the group's orangutan rescue and rehabilitation center in West Borneo.

For more information on International Animal Rescue, click here.

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