Adorable Giraffe Born at Zoo to Delight of Fans Who Watched Birth on Live Camera Feed

Autumn the giraffe delivered her baby at the Greenville Zoo about 6:30 a.m. Tuesday.

A South Carolina zoo welcomed its newest, adorable addition on Tuesday as a beloved giraffe gave birth to a healthy calf that was on its feet in no time, officials said.

Autumn the giraffe delivered her baby at the Greenville Zoo about 6:30 a.m. to the delight of staff and supporters who kept an eye on the gentle giant throughout the pregnancy.

Fans from across the world offered their well wishes on videos the zoo posted of the calf as it worked to gain control of its already-long legs.

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“Check out these legs… it is just like dancing!” the zoo wrote on a video it posted to Facebook of the calf as it took tentative steps.

The newest addition was undeterred by the many tumbles it took as it worked on its footwork.

“Oh my goodness cuteness alert!” one person wrote on the Zoo’s Facebook wall.

“I cannot get enough of this. So cute!!” another person posted.

Fans were able to watch along as the mom and baby bonded on the zoo’s live camera, which documented the pair’s every move.

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This is the third calf that Autumn and her mate, Walter, who was introduced to the family’s newest addition from a neighboring stall.

Officials said the newborn appears healthy and will soon perform a physical exam to determine its sex.

Those interested in having a say in naming the giraffe can submit a suggestion along with a donation to the zoo on its website. A name will be chosen later in the week. 

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