Dead Bugs, Stains and a Can of Nitrous Oxide: Found In Hotels Charging Sky High Prices at the Super Bowl

INSIDE EDITION discovered that some hotels charging high rates for Super Bowl are not as clean as they appear.

Some hotels around Santa Clara, California, home of Super Bowl 50, are charging extraordinary rates for the big game. So INSIDE EDITION’s I-Squad visited some of those hotels to see if they’re worth the price.

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A Super 8 motel charging $1,000 for a room during Super Bowl weekend looked pretty clean at first glance. But it didn’t take long for INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero to uncover some pretty gross stuff.

“These blankets are nasty,” Guerrero said as she pulled back the covers on the bed. “I mean there are hairs on the inside of the blanket.”

She also found dead bugs on the bathroom floor, gross stains in the bedside tables and a canister of nitrous oxide, which some people inhale to get high.

So she called the manager to the room.

“First off,” Guerrero explained, “When we took the sheets off the bed we found several hairs.”

The manager responded, “The blankets, the whole thing is usually washed when the customer checks out.”

But when Guerrero tried to call the manager's attention to everything else found, he left the room and said “no comment.”

The Bella Vista Inn is charging a special Super Bowl rate of $350, which is much higher than the regular rate of $69.99.

There, the I-Squad found dead bugs under the bed and ants crawling all over the room – including under the sheets on the bed.

Perhaps they were coming from the leaky ceiling that left a pool of water on the closet shelf.

The manager was notified of the situation and came to inspect the room. She agreed that what we found is unacceptable but then asked for the cameras to be shut off.

She later wrote us an email saying: "I am committed to addressing such issues for not just the Super Bowl but for all guests staying here at our hotel."

But nothing was more shocking than what INSIDE EDITION discovered at The Heritage Inn, just a few miles from Levi’s Stadium where Super Bowl 50 will be played.

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They're charging $600. That's about six times the normal rate.

Toenail clippings, used Q-tips and stains littered one room. When Guerrero moved a piece of furniture from the wall, she discovered a syringe. In another room a huge shard of glass was resting under the headboard – mere inches from where someone’s head would be resting.

The manager of the Heritage Inn said they’re remodeling the hotel.

“We are working on it,” she said as she swatted away Guerrero’s microphone.

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