Controversial Super Bowl Ad Shows Twin Towers Collapsing on 9/11

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the best, worst and most controversial Super Bowl ads this year.

As always, the Super Bowl commercials have become some of the most talked about moments of the big game.

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The 2016 edition featured some of the most controversial, strangest and cringe worthy ads to date.

One commercial for Colonial Williamsburg showcased historical events in reverse like the Twin Towers collapsing during September 11, 2001.

The 60-second spot called “It Started Here” featured Tom Brokaw narrating “We’ve come a long way in a few hundred years when you consider the barriers we’ve broken, the leaps we made and the courage we’ve shown.”

Julia Boorstin, a senior media reporter for CNBC, told IE: "It has drawn a lot of criticism for being insensitive and using images of such a dark day in American history to try and sell tourism."

Many took to social media and expressed outrage.

Colonial Williamsburg is defending the commercial: "American history is full of tragedies & triumphs. It made us who we are today. We must remember."

One of the strangest commercials in Super Bowl History is the Puppy-Monkey-Baby which came from Mountain Dew’s energy drink, Kickstart.

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A Doritos commercial featuring a fetus that wanted a taste of dad’s chips left many cringing.

In the spot, the fetus wanted the chips so badly that he delivers himself early.

According to USA Today the best commercials of the night came from Hyundai, which featured two women driving through a town entirely populated with hunky Ryan Reynolds clones.

The No. 1 commercial featured Kevin Hart as an overprotective dad spying on his daughter's date, which also came from the car company.

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