DWTS Celebrates 200th Episode

Dancing with the Stars celebrated its 200th episode, with many stars returning from past seasons. Meanwhile, contestant Jennifer Grey hits a low point during rehearsals this week. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

Dancing with the Stars celebrated its 200th episode with the return of more than 50 stars from seasons past.

But all eyes were on Jennifer Grey after an emotional breakdown during rehearsals where she cried, "I'm just frustrated that my body can't do what I'm asking it to do."

But the 50-year-old actress made a triumphant comeback with a fiery tango.

"Hopefully we are over the hump and I feel invigorated by tonight," Grey said.

Bristol Palin got the lowest scores of the night for a waltz inspired by Kelly Osbourne's dance on Season Nine.

"That's big shoes to fill. She made people cry during her dance. I didn't quite fill them," Palin said.

The newly slimmed down Osbourne was there cheering Palin on.

"In rehearsals today she was a bit off, but she pulled it off amazing during the show," Osbourne said of Palin's waltz.