HIV-Positive Charlie Sheen Slams Doctor Who Treated Him With Milk From Arthritic Goats

The actor is speaking out about the man who claims he has a cure.

Charlie Sheen is blasting the man who claims he has a cure for HIV.

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In an interview airing Wednesday, the actor told Dr. Oz that he's lucky he didn't die after being treated by Dr. Sam Chachoua.

"This guy is a liar and if he comes back here to practice medicine, he should be arrested," Sheen told Dr. Oz. 

Dr. Oz told IE: "Dr. Sam could have killed Charlie Sheen. He convinced him to go off medication, which have been effective for four years." 

Dr. Chachoua, who is not licensed to practice medicine in the U.S., recently appeared on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, touting his "cure" comprised from the milk of Mexican goats that have arthritis.

“These goats have a virus called CAEV and this virus destroys HIV and protects people who drink it for life," Dr. Chachoua told Maher.

Sheen said he stopped taking medication prescribed to combat HIV and started drinking the milk.

At first, he said, he was “seeing incredible results” and claimed that blood tests even showed that the virus was non-detectable.

However, it didn’t last long as Sheen’s HIV numbers rose again. He quickly went back on prescription drugs.

"There is no data to support any of the things (Chachoua) is saying. Wonderful story but not truthful," Dr. Oz said. 

Sheen condemned Dr. Chachoua when he spoke to Dr. Oz and said he felt vulnerable when he was approached by him. 

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Chachoua told Maher that he once injected himself with Sheen's blood, apparently to prove that his cure worked.

He also claimed to have eradicated HIV from entire nations, including the tiny island nation of Comoros off the coast of Africa.

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