Engineers Devise Clever Plan to Save 3 Seagulls Trapped in Pipe

A video shows a group of men coming to the birds' rescue near a construction site in Alaska earlier this month.

A group of engineers got creative when they discovered three seagulls at the bottom of a pipe with no way out.

A video shared by ViralHog shows the men coming to the birds' rescue near a construction site in Juneau, Alaska earlier this month.

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"We started to come up with a rescue plan and began filling the pile with water," one of the men said. "But it wasn't clear if the water would completely fill the pile, allowing the seagulls to float to the top."

So instead, the men opted for "Plan B." They attached a long rope to a bucket, which they then dropped down into the pipe. One by one, they scooped up the birds and brought them to the surface.

It took a few attempts to get the last seagull - which looked pretty snug in the bucket when it was brought to the surface.

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The unharmed seagulls flew away and the engineers covered the open pipe with salmon fishing nets to prevent more birds from flying in. The pipes will eventually be permanently covered.

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