A Venomous Snake Was Found In a Child's Bed at a Daycare Center

The snake was found among the sheets right before nap time.

A red-bellied black snake was found inside a bed at an Australian childcare center.

One of the employees at the center in Mornington Peninsula was taking the sheets off a bed right before nap time when the snake fell out. A professional snake catcher was called to the scene.

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Barry Goldsmith, a member of Snake Catcher Victoria, shared a photo of the creature on Facebook.

He told Australia’s News.com that snakes in schools are more common than people would believe.

"Kids drop food and attract mice, which then attract snakes," he said.

Goldsmith said that red-bellied black snakes, while venomous, are "gentle and tolerant."

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In Australia, it is illegal to kill snakes. A professional snake catcher must be called in order to have the reptile removed.

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