Cops: Two 15-Year-Old Girls Found Dead at High School in Apparent Murder-Suicide Shooting

A murder-suicide shooting between two 15-year-old students occurred Friday at Independence High School in Arizona.

Two sophomore students were found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide at an isolated spot on their high school campus, authorities said Friday. 

The bodies of the 15-year-old girls were next to each other at Independence High School in Glendale,  with a suicide note and a handgun nearby, said Police Officer Tracey Breeden.  

Each suffered a single bullet wound. Glendale police issued a statement late Friday saying detectives believe the girls had been in a relationship, and that one girl shot the other before turning the gun on herself.

Police said they would not identify the students. But Phuonk Kieu said one of the girls was her sister, May Kieu, according to The Arizona Republic. 

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The campus was intially put on lockdown. Police said there was never an active shooter. 

"We were on scene in less than two minutes," Breeden said.

May Kieu appeared cheerful Friday morning, according to students who saw her. She was an honors student and a member of the school badminton team. 

J.C. Robertson said he ran into May at the campus cafeteria and said she seemed "extremely happy."

Robertson, a junior, said he "asked how her morning was and she said, 'It’s going good.'''

The girl usually met up with a girlfriend after breakfast, and they would spend time together.

“They were both amazing people,” Robertson told the paper. 

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Students at the high school are deeply upset, Robertson said. “I walked home crying my eyes out,” he added.

After news of the shooting, worried parents gathered outside the school.

"We were in front of the school and we heard two loud shots like someone was popping a bag or something," a student at the school told her mom over the phone, CBS affiliate KPHO reported.

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