This Reporter Can't Stop Laughing Over an 'Emergency Defecation' Story

One New Zealand journalist could not keep herself together about a specific story.

An anchor in New Zealand had a rough time holding herself together as she reported on an "emergency defecation situation."

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New Zealand 3 News journalist Hilary Barry was tasked with reporting about a Malaysian diplomat who allegedly excreted on a woman’s property.

“Today could be the day I lose my job,” she said as she struggled to stop laughing duringThe Paul Henry Breakfast Show.

She kept laughing so much that she made herself cry.

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The show’s anchor and her fellow colleagues could not contain themselves either.

Even more awkwardly, Barry tried to report on a separate story about a bomb explosion - but still couldn't contain her giggles. Barry assured viewers that she was not laughing at the severity of the airplane situation.

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