Sea Lion Films Himself Swimming Underwater With Selfie Stick

What happens when you give a sea lion a selfie stick? Zookeepers at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California wanted to find out.

Animal keepers at Long Beach, California's Aquarium of the Pacific wanted to know what happens when you give a sea lion a selfie stick, so they did just that.

Longtime volunteer Hugh Ryono is also an avid photographer and videographer. He made a custom selfie stick by mounting a GoPro camera on a pole.

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"I had Milo try out the rig during an early morning training session," Ryono wrote on the aquarium's blog.

And try it out Milo did.

"After checking out the feel of the selfie stick Milo proceeded to take the camera on a quick but exciting circuit of the front pool of the exhibit," Ryono wrote.

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Aquarium of the Pacific spokeswoman Marilyn Padilla told INSIDE EDITION the selfie stick is not only fun for us, but enriching for Milo and his sea mammal friends.

"One of the major tasks for our animal caretakers is providing enrichment for our animals," she said. "This can include toys, puzzles, and any other activities or items that are mentally stimulating and keep them physically active."

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