Cops: A Wife Beat Husband With A Bat Because He Didn't Get Her A Valentine's Present

A wife has been arrested on assault and domestic violence for allegedly beating her husband for not receiving a Valentine's present, cops say.

An Ohio woman was arrested on assault charges by police who said she attacked her husband and knocked him unconscious because he failed to buy her a Valentine Day's present.

Kimberly Hammond, 46, had been drinking, her husband told Washington County Sheriff's deputies. She scratched and hit his face during an argument, and then allegedly grabbed a mini baseball bat and hit him in the back of the head, the husband said, according to authorities.

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He was knocked unconscious, and his wife continued to beat him as he came in and out of unconsciousness, deputies said.

Hammond said she was angry because her husband forgot to get her a Valentine gift, according to deputies, WTAP-TV reported. A breath test showed she had a blood-alcohol level of .221, deputies said.

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She was arrested Sunday on assault and domestic violence charges. It was not clear whether she had posted bail or had been arraigned.

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