Supportive Beyonce Fans Get in 'Formation' Outside NFL HQ But Protesters Never Show

A planned anti-Beyonce protest did not go according to design as not a single demonstrator arrived at NFL headquarters to dispute her Halftime show.

On Tuesday morning, a call to protest Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance at the NFL headquarters in Manhattan was a bust. The only demonstrators that showed up were her supporters.

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Members of the NYPD and NFL security were ready for the dueling protests, which were both set to begin at 8 a.m.

According to CBS News, about three dozen pro-Beyonce demonstrators gathered to show support for the “Formation” singer. While no one showed up in anti-Beyonce protest.

One pro-Beyonce supporter, Mila, told INSIDE EDITION that she was not surprised no one came to protest the singer. She said: "If there is no protest then there is no counter-protest." 

Mila added: "We are not here to be disruptive, we are here to be joyful. I think it is wonderful they couldn't rally people on a Tuesday morning to be hateful."

The event was scheduled on social media following her Super Bowl routine which some called it racist and anti-police.

Another pro-Beyonce demonstrator, Biko, told IE: "I heard someone say 'it is easier to be racist online than in someones face' and I think were are seeing this." 

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Beyonce made her first public appearance since the Super Bowl controversy and seemed to be responding to the uproar in her opening remarks at Monday night's Grammys.

“Art is an unapologetic celebration of culture through expression,” she said before she presented Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars with their “Record of the Year” Grammy for the single “Uptown Funk.”

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