Sports Fans Dress as Beyonce, Her Backup Dancers to Distract Rival Team

The 'Curtain of Distraction' strikes again.

Arizona State University's famous “Curtain of Distraction” boasts a bevy of characters to help confuse opposing teams at the free-throw line during basketball games.

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From students dressed as Beyonce and her backup dancers to Olympic hero Michael Phelps recently dressed in a speedo, the "Curtain" always makes a splash.

INSIDE EDITION visited the group to see how they pull it and witnessed two students dressed in body armor and wielding fake swords in a routine called “The Trojan War.” 

ASU's Associate Athletics Director Bill Kennedy coordinates the madness. “It's trying to get everyone cued up in costume, so as soon as the foul is called they can run out and be a part of the show.”

The distractions often work but is it really fair?

“As long as they are not on the court and they don't interfere with the game you can't tell people not to cheer,” Kennedy said.

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Even rival fans seem to enjoy the spectacle.

One said: “I’m kind of enjoying it myself. It's fair game.”

The Curtain of Distraction has decreased opponents' free-throw percentage by 10 percent.

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