For the Kid Who Has Everything: Tesla Sells Children's Sports Car For $500

The sporty electric car maker now offers a mini version for children ages 3 to 8.

A Tesla Model S can now be yours for the low price of $500 - so long as you're eight years old or younger.

The pint-sized Tesla Model S has arrived and it's every bit the kiddie car you'd expect from the innovative California car maker.

The Tesla for tykes is a joint venture with a company better known with the younger set, Radio Flyer.

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Per the Tesla for Kids website:

"Every Tesla Model S for Kids come equipped with high-end features to recreate the ultimate Tesla experience. You choose the paint color, performance, accessories and personalization."

Tesla lists those high-end features as working headlights, "frunk" (front trunk), spacious interior and its own sound system.

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The more discerning child Tesla customer may also opt for add-ons including a mini indoor car cover, spare Tesla lithium battery, vanity plate and parking sign.

The cars, which can go in both forward and reverse, can be set by parents to top out at two speeds: 6 MPH for pint-sized speed demons and 3 MPH for the more conservative driver.

The cars are currently available for pre-orders to ship May 1.

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