Authorities Investigating Whether Vanessa Hudgens Defaced Arizona Red Rock With Drawing

The actress allegedly posted a photo to Instagram showing a heart carved into red rock.

Vanessa Hudgens and her boyfriend Austin Butler spent Valentine’s Day weekend in Sedona, Arizona, and now an Instagram photo she took during the trip has reportedly sparked an investigation.

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Hudgens posted a photo showing a heart carved into rock containing her name alongside Butler's. She later removed the post but kept others from the trip on Instagram.


The photo was brought to the attention of Coconino National Forest and authorities are investigating the incident.

If a person is convicted of carving and defacing property in a national park could lead to a maximum $5,000 fine and even six months in jail.

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The 27-year-old actress nor her representatives have commented on the matter.

Brady Smith, a spokesperson for the park, said he is unsure if authorities have found the heart that matches the one posted by actress inside the 250-mile Red Rock Ranger District.

Smith said in a statement: “People make mistakes whether knowingly or unknowingly.”

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