Could Testimony By These Witnesses Have Changed the Outcome of O.J. Simpson's Trial?

Jill Shively and Skip Junis did not testify at the trial.

Jill Shively is the only witness who claimed O.J. Simpson was near the murder scene of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown, and her friend, Ronald Goldman, but jurors never heard her story.

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Her account is being brought back to life on the hit FX miniseries The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Shively says that around the time of the murders she was driving in Brentwood, California, just blocks from Nicole Brown's condo when she saw the former football star in his white Ford Bronco speeding through a red light.

Back in 1994, Shively testified before a grand jury but she was never called as a witness in the murder trial because she sold her story to the TV show Hardcopy for $5,000, prosecutors said.

“He was like a madman gone mad insane,” she told Hardcopy in 1994.

Prosecutor Marcia Clark said Shively's credibility was ruined and refused to call her as a witness.

Shively told INSIDE EDITION: “She was mad; I mean she said, ‘You blew my case.’ It was that over and over. And I never forgot it. I felt horrible.”

For all these years, Shively says she's wondered if her testimony could have changed the outcome of the trial.

“I should have never sold my story. It wasn't worth it, I regret it and I am sorry about that, I am sorry to the Goldman and Brown families.”

But she's not the only witness whose testimony was not used in court.

Skip Junis says he saw Simpson at Los Angeles International Airport just hours after the murders doing something unusual with a travel bag.

“It haunts you that I may have seen him you know discard crucial evidence,” he admitted to IE. “I called the defense and prosecution, if they had only known they could have searched the waste land.”

Investigators believed Simpson’s bag may have contained the bloody clothes and murder weapon which were never found.

Junis said: “It was a little zipper bag and he just zipped it a little bit from the bottom, and just enough to get his hand in the bag, and he was pulling items out and putting them in the trash can.”

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Junis says he told Marcia Clark, but was never called to testify.

“I said ‘I don't understand why you didn’t call me to talk about this, because I thought it might be of interest’ and she just talked to me about all of the evidence they had and that they were overwhelmed by the evidence,” he claims.

Lead detective Tom Lange says he urged Clark to put Junis on the stand.

“This is crucial,” Lange recalled to IE. “To this day people say what about the clothing, what about the shoes, what about the knife. I take it to Marcia, just me and her, I said ‘This guy called me, you wouldn't believe what we have.’”

Shively says watching the miniseries brings back horrible memories.

“I will be the person who helped the prosecution not win the case. I definitely contributed to the prosecution not winning their case,” she said.

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