Town Mourns Young Newlyweds Killed In Horrible Car Crash on Valentine's Day

A town is in mourning over the deaths of two young newlyweds who were killed in a horrific car crash.

A small town in Maryland is in mourning over the deaths of two young newlyweds killed in a horrible car crash on Valentine's Day.

Dan and Kayla Amos, ages 21 and 20, were driving in Edgewater, outside Annapolis, when an oncoming car crossed into their lane and struck their car head-on, police said.

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They were then hit from behind by another vehicle.

The couple had been married for six months, and were devout church-goers, family members said.

"They were a match," said Matthew Wright, a friend of the couple, WUSA-TV reported. "They were so great for each other."

God was "number one on their list, before marriage, before each other," said another friend, Andrew Stahl. "That's why their marriage flourished."

Kayla worked at the coffee shop of Chesapeake Church and Dan led the youth ministry band, the station said.

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Dan was pronounced dead at the crash scene. Kayla was rushed to a Baltimore trauma center, but later died.

They met in high school and dated for two years before Dan proposed, their friends said.

She had posted on Instagram that day, saying "Celebrating Valentine's Day and a half year anniversary today with my husband! Totally unintentional, but I'm so excited to always be able to celebrate our love and our marriage on this day for the rest of our lives!"


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