Here's How You Can Defend Yourself Against a Slasher

Following the recent spate of slashings in New York, INSIDE EDITION looks at what to do in an attack.

Slashings are taking place in New York City but, it can happen anywhere and there are ways you can you protect yourself from such an attack, says security expert Steve Kardian.

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He told INSIDE EDITION if you are looking down at your phone, you will not see anyone coming. He also advised to not keep the volume on your earbuds too high. 

Next: if you think someone is acting suspiciously, go with your gut.

“Make brief eye contact, putting [them] on notice,” he advises.

He says ducking your chin and bringing up your hands can help protect yourself.

If you can't run to safety, Kardian advised the best way to fight back is to “grab, drag the (attacker's) arm to ground.”

There have been 471 stabbings and slashings in the past year in the Big Apple, compared to 395 in the previous year, police said.

The most recent  attacked occurred outside a Manhattan diner on Wednesday evening, when a panhandler cut a waiter's face, police said.  

The Guardian Angels are patrolling the subways after a 20-year absence in New York City.

On Thursday, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton said that the slashings are not part of a pattern.

"My sense is these are horrific incidents but in isolation," he said. "Some of the people we are dealing with are these service-resistant street people, [they] have been involved in a number of these incidents.

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Earlier this month, the NYPD said they are stepping up subway patrols by having officers wake sleeping people on trains, and increasing officers' presence on cars between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

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