Hero Bystanders Catch Boy, 11, in Tarp After He Was Left Dangling From Ski Lift

Tristan Stead recounted the terrifying experience.

An 11-year-old dangled from a chairlift at a ski resort in Canada when he got on the lift the wrong way.

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Tristan Stead from Seattle was with his family when the heart stopping moment occurred.

“I was pretty scared,” he told INSDIE EDITION. “I thought I was gonna fall.”

He added: “the lift hit me in the butt and then my uncle grabbed me and tried to pull me back on the lift, but it didn't work, so I was kinda hanging there.”

People down below scrambled to find a tarp so he could fall and land on that instead of the ground.

During the incident, the boy was finding it hard to breathe. Stead said: “it was kind of hard to breathe because the chair was on my neck.”

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Finally, he was able to let go and was returned to safety. He said the incident left him pretty shaken up.

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