After Siblings Support Dad Who Killed Their Mom, Their Sister Says: 'It's Torn Us Apart'

Alex Peters wants to reunite with her siblings.

A Georgia family remains divided after the patriarch was found guilty of murdering his wife.

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Alex Peters says her relationship with her two younger sisters, Amanda and Rebecca, was destroyed the day their mother, Nique Leili, disappeared from her home outside Atlanta in June 2011.

Her nude body, possibly strangled, was found buried under leaves eight days later. Her husband, Matt Leili, was charged with her murder.

“I just knew. I just knew it was him,” Peters told INSIDE EDITION.

But her two sisters felt differently

At the time of the incident, Amanda was 17 and Rebecca was nine. They reportedly cut ties with their mother’s family, including Peters, who is Nique’s daughter from a previous marriage. They even posted videos to YouTube in which they insisted their father was innocent.

But Peters says the couple's 13-year marriage was a volatile one.

Fights that Matt Leili recorded were played at his trial.

“I don't think she knew how to get out of it and at the time I was so young I didn't know how to help get her out,” Peters said.

Just weeks before Nique went missing, she called 911 saying that her husband wouldn't let her leave the house.

He got on the phone and told the dispatcher: “I think my wife's just throwing a temper tantrum. I don't think we need the police.”

The dispatcher said: “Let me have her tell me that.”

“You don't have to come,” Nique said when she got back on the phone.

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Throughout the trial, Rebecca and Amanda defended their dad.

Peters told INSIDE EDITION: “I think he completely brainwashed them. It's so sad.”

On February 5, after deliberating for just three hours, the jury found Leili guilty of felony murder. He was sentenced to life in prison but plans to appeal.

Peters said she'll never visit him in prison but she hopes to one day patch things up with her sisters.

“I couldn't even explain with words how angry I am," she said. "It has torn all of us apart."

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