Mother of 1 Outraged Her Photo With Newborn Used in Internet Hoax Claiming She Had 14 Kids with 14 Men

The happiest day of one mom's life turned into an internet nightmare.

One mom is furious after a photo of her went viral claiming she had 14 babies with 14 different men.

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Karena Bennett, 22, and Elder Marraquin welcomed their first child, Damon, together last year.

The baby was the first child to be born in 2015 at Milford Hospital in Connecticut, which was documented in the local newspaper with a photo of the family of three. 

That photo was later used in an internet artcle that claimed the new mom had 14 children with 14 different men.

"When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a joke," Bennett told INSIDE EDITION. "I really didn't think it was anything serious. I thought that people were playing a prank on me." 

The photo even was used in a post that claims a Detroit mom entered the Guinness Book of World Records for having the many children with just as many men. 

"It was a fake article with my family photo in it," she said. "It was a very harsh article about something that wasn't true." 

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The false posts have even led to online threats, Bennett said. 

"When you have people saying 'she should be shot' and I should get my butt kicked, that is my safety and my families safety, too," she said. 

As the hoax still continues to grow, the family wants it to be put to an end.

"There is no way I can have 14 children at the age of 22. There is no way," she said. 

The website that posted the phony headline tells IE it was "a satirical piece" adding their site includes a disclaimer. Bennett has consulted a lawyer and is exploring what legal options she may have.

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