Wrestler Pops the Question to Opponent Girlfriend in the Middle of Match

Professional wrestler Laura James is caught off guard during an intergender wrestling match when her opponent boyfriend pauses the fight to propose.

When it came to proposing to his girlfriend, this wrestler had a knockout idea.

Professional fighter Joey Ryan popped the question to his girlfriend, Laura James, during the middle of a match - against each other.

"We've been talking about this so much that it was difficult for me to surprise you," he told her in a video of the proposal.

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Ryan told INSIDE EDITION: "Any elaborate set up would be a dead giveaway so I decided to do it at the most inopportune time, in the middle of a pro wrestling match, where we are supposed to be fighting each other."

During the match in San Diego, Ryan threw James against the referee, who collapsed to the ground for several seconds. As James paused to check if the referee was alright, Ryan unwrapped a towel on the sidelines, and pulled out a ring.

"She thought I was going to pull out a weapon and try to cheat but that's where I flipped the script and grabbed the ring instead," Ryan said. "She was probably confused, but surprise was my intention."

Ryan had revealed his plan to the referee, the ring announcer and the show promoter.

"Then I planned a moment in the match where I'd have the opportunity to get the ring out." Ryan said.

As he dropped to one knee with the microphone and the ring, James covered her mouth in disbelief until she finally responded, "Yes!"

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When the newly engaged couple kissed to seal the deal, Ryan took the chance to flip James into a hold, winning the match.

"The end of the day," Ryan told INSIDE EDITION, "I think she won."

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