Couples Who Say Wedding Videographer Scammed Them Question Him on Fake Game Show

The videographer thought he was appearing on a game show but ended up being questioned by IE and his angry customers.

A wedding videographer who failed to provide couples with their wedding videos and other services over several years was in for a big surprise when he showed up to be a contestant on a new game show - only to come face to face with some of his former customers.

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Dozens of couples have complained about the videographer, Ken Stillman, many claiming they’ve been waiting for years to receive the videos of their most precious wedding moments.

One customer, Michelle Granada, told Inside Edition: “Ken Stillman is pretty much the worst man ever.”

INSIDE EDITION found Stillman near Philadelphia and invited him to compete in a game show we created called “The Game of Fame.”

The mock game show was part of an investigation by Inside Edition Correspondent Lisa Guerrero, who served as host, and featured movie trivia questions. Unlike Stillman, the other contestants knew the game wasn’t real.

After giving the contestants a few easy questions, Guerrero gave this clue: “He's the deadbeat wedding videographer who dozens of couples say failed to provide wedding videos as promised. Here's a clue. Let's take a look at the monitor.”

A series of couples then gave video testimony. One couple told him: “Ken I think you're a sleezeball. That you continue to take advantage of people like this is despicable.”

Another said: “We got married in 2010 and five and half years later, baby number two on the way and I still have nothing from you.”

Guerrero then revealed, “This isn't actually ‘The Game of Fame.’ It's ‘The Game of Shame.’”

When asked if he had an apology, Stillman said he never meant to get behind with the videos.

“I just had personal problems that caused me to get behind schedule,” he said.

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Stillman insisted that he's never ripped anyone off and has many satisfied customers. He also promised Inside Edition he would rush to finish the remaining videos.

But the brides we spoke to aren’t buying his excuses and neither is the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office.

You agreed to provide wedding videos to these couples. You agreed to pay money towards restitution and fines. You agreed to comply with the law and you have not done that. Mr. Stillman it’s time to pay the piper!” said Basil Merenda, the Pennsylvania Deputy Attorney General.

Merenda’s office is suing Stillman for $20,000 in restitution and fines in hopes of getting the remaining missing wedding videos. Stillman is due in court for a hearing next week.

After our report aired Stillman provided the long-awaited wedding videos to Michelle Granada and another couple featured in our story.

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