Watch Sobbing Wife Reunite With Husband Live on TV After Kansas Shooting

Jared Trujillo was at work when a colleague opened fire, killing three people.

Cameras captured the emotional moment a terrified woman reunited with her husband following the shooting at his Kansas workplace on Thursday.

Before the reunion, Jennifer Trujillo sobbed as she told CBS affiliate KWCH that her husband, Jared, was inside Excel Industries when 38-year-old Cedric Ford opened fire.

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Three people were killed and 14 others were injured in the attack. On Friday, the deceased were identified as Josh Higbee, 31, Renee Benjamin, 30, and Brian Sadowsky, 44. Ford, who worked as a painter at the company, was shot dead by an injured police officer.

Trujillo told KWCH that she knew her husband was alive but would only feel reassured when she saw him.

Suddenly, the reporter spotted her husband approaching them.

"Oh my God!" she cried.

The cameras filmed their emotional embrace as she sobbed into his shoulder.

On Friday, she told GMA: "When I finally got to see him, I didn't want to let go."

Her husband, who joined her on the show, recalled hearing gunfire and fleeing from the building. On the way, he and other co-workers saw a man who had been shot in the leg.

"We went back to get him, and we carried him across the street and to a mobile home park," he said. "We set him down and started attending to his wound."

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He added that he didn't know Ford.

"There was a couple of times that I walked by him and say hello to him and he’d never respond," he said. "He really didn’t say much. He didn’t look happy."

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