Here Are Some of The Most Bizarre Goodies Given Away In Oscars Gift Bags

Whatever happened to the Vampire face-lift of 2013?

They say you're not a winner unless you go home with an Oscar, right? Wrong.

While an Academy Award is “priceless,” some might deem the most precious gift of the night to be the swag bags given to those who didn’t get to leave with a golden statue.

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Year after year, the swag bags, traditionally given only to the unpaid presenters of the awards, are filled with elaborate gifts that carry an even more elaborate price tag.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences stopped giving away their own swag bags in the late 2000s in an agreement with the IRS after debate over whether the gifts were taxable. Instead, separate entities such as Distinctive Assets, the biggest independent gifter in recent years, have filled the void, handing out precious swag bags themselves.

To celebrate 17 years of head-turning gifts, here are some of our favorite goodies handed out over the years:

10-Day All-Expenses Paid Trip to Israel, (Worth $55,000

While each year's swag bag contains a variety of trip vouchers, none have come under fire quite like this one. 

Some U.S.-based campaign groups are urging celebs to #SkipTheTrip, one agency writes. The gift is being partially funded by the Israeli government, whom the agency claims is attempting to distract the media from Israel's conflict with Palestine.

The New York Post reports that that the inclusion of the trip this year prompted the Academy Awards to end their relationship with gifting company Distinctive Assets.

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Vampire Face-Lift (Worth $5,000)

In the midst of America's vampire obsession in 2013, goody bags included a "vampire face-lift."

To conduct the non-surgical procedure, a doctor mixes fillers with platelet-rich plasma extracted from the patient's own blood, which is then injected back into the patient's skin. The organization behind it says the concoction stimulates natural collegen growth, but some doctors say the only thing special about the procedure is its name.

According to the Daily News, Kim Kardashian swears by its results.

This year's nominees need not feel left out, because it seems there is a sequel.

Vampire Breast-Lift ($1,900)

This year's shock-worthy treatment was invented by the same Dr. Charles Runel. According to reports, the breast-lift, like the facelift, involves extracting platelet-rich plasma from the patient's blood, and re-injecting it into a patient's breast.

A video Dr. Runel created about the procedure explains that the injections are meant to make a woman's breasts perkier, rounder and more sensitive. He even touts the injections as the beginning of "breast beauty".

Still curious about Dr. Charles Runel's treatments? Take a look at the O-Shot, included in the 2014 swag bag.

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic Spaceship ... Model. ($200,000? Not quite)

When this particular goody came out in 2011, media outlets priced the swag bag at $275,000.

But it soon emerged that it was just a model of the commercial spacecraft - which may be for the best, following fatalities in a 2014 testing of the spaceship.

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Chapstick ($6)

In what is the most expensive and controversial swag bag of the Oscars history, the gifters decided to include a single tube of Chapstick, presumably to keep recipients humble.

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