Women Say Paramedic Sexually Assaulted Them in Ambulance: 'I'll Never Forget The Look in His Eyes'

Thirty five women have reportedly claimed that Lannie Haszard assaulted them. Three women spoke to INSIDE EDITION about their ordeal.

Three women say what they experienced in an ambulance should never have happened. They say they were assaulted by a predator.

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Paramedic Lannie Haszard allegedly molested them in the back of his ambulance as they were being transported to the ER.

When 35-year-old Royshekka Herring of Portland, Oregon collapsed at her home, her son called 911. She quickly found herself strapped into a gurney, in the back of the ambulance.

“The look in his eyes I’ll never forget,” she said. “He was doing things to me that a husband should do to his wife.”

“He kept rubbing against my breast,” another alleged victim, Ashley told Inside Edition.

Another woman named Michelle said: “Anybody that knows me knows I’m a very powerful, confident person, but now I’m a crippled child.”

The women are meeting for the first time and finding comfort in each other's stories. In total 35 women reportedly claimed they were sexually abused by Haszard in the ambulance.

Jason and Greg Kafoury, a father and son legal team, represent the women in their lawsuits against the private ambulance company that employed Haszard.

“Being a paramedic in the back of an ambulance with women that are unconscious, it’s a dream job for a sexual predator,” Jason said.

INSIDE EDITION found other cases across the country of paramedics and EMTs accused of sexually assaulting women in ambulances, but Haszard may be the most egregious case of all.

In a police interrogation video, Haszard said: “I probably did do what I’m, what has been alleged. Why I did it I do not know.”

A detective asked: “Do you feel bad for what you did?”

“Well, yes I do,” he said.

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Haszard was convicted of molesting seven women and sentenced to eight years in prison. He ended up serving five and is now out of prison.

When Herring was told by Lisa Guerrero that Haszard has been released from prison, she was shocked and broke down in tears. “I was supposed to be contacted so I could go speak and let them know he shouldn't be released,” she sobbed.

Inside Edition’s Lisa Guerrero caught up with Haszard on his way to church. She asked him about the women he groped. He had “no comment.”

Guerrero asked: “You're supposed to be helping women and instead you took advantage of these vulnerable people. How could you do that?”

He replied “no comment” again.

His victims say a “no comment” isn't enough. They want to make sure what happened to them doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Herring sued the company that employed Haszard - American Medical Response - and won a multi-million dollar verdict. The other women's lawsuit is still pending against AMR, which denies the allegations. Inside Edition tried to get a response from them but they didn't reply.

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