Athlete Who Ran 12 Miles a Day While 8 Months Pregnant Gives Birth

Sarah Brown, a top contender for Team USA, has welcomed a baby girl.

Olympian Sarah Brown has given birth to a beautiful baby girl – Abigail Ann Brown, who weighed five pounds and five ounces.

The child was born premature, but perfectly healthy.

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Thirty six hours prior to giving birth, Sarah Brown spoke to INSIDE EDITION about how she was still running while pregnant.

“To maybe the average person it’s going to look crazy,” she told IE.

Sarah is considered a top contender for Team USA in the summer Olympics for track and field. She suspected something was up when she started slowing down.She had no idea she was pregnant until her doctor called.

Her husband, Darren, made sure she ate healthy, he is also her coach.

“I’m now carrying a bowling ball on the front of stomach,” she said. Yet, she still ran 10-12 miles a day, four times a week.

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Sarah says she got the go-ahead from her OBGYN, although she was careful not to overdo it on the track. 

“Ultimately the health of our baby is the most important thing to us,” the runner said. “The message I'd want my daughter take away is to go after your dream and do not be afraid to try.”

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