Never-Before-Seen Photos Give New Intimate Look at Elizabeth Taylor | Inside Edition

Never-Before-Seen Photos Give New Intimate Look at Elizabeth Taylor

The images taken by her personal photographer Firooz Zahedi span 30 years.

Elizabeth Taylor is one of the world's most iconic movie stars and now fans are getting an intimate look at her in newly released photographs.

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Famous photographer Firooz Zahedi met Taylor in the 1970s and they hit it off so well, the star asked him to be her personal photographer.

He chronicled happy and tough times, including an image taken shortly after she had surgery to remove a brain tumor.

“They had to shave her hair off,” he told IE. “She looked up at me with this sweet, innocent face with short hair, and to me it's one of my favorite photographs of her.”

Zahedi's photos, which span 30 years, are featured in a new coffee table book, My Elizabeth.

On the days off, I would take my camera, we would go out on the boat or to a restaurant - those are the fun photos for me,” he said. “Cooking fried chicken in the kitchen, driving a pickup truck, dancing in the backyard.”

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“All they talked about was her jewelry, her husbands, the glamourous side - I really felt, that's not fair, I need to show the human side,” he said.

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