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Woman Caught Allegedly Smuggling Cocaine in Breast Implants

She was carrying over $200,000 worth of the drug in her chest.

A woman was arrested in Germany after she was found carrying a kilo (2.2 pounds) of cocaine inside her breasts, according to officials.

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The unnamed 24-year-old Colombian woman was busted by police at a Frankfurt airport after officials became suspicious when they discovered fresh operation scars below her breasts. She also complained of severe pain.

The mother of three admitted to carrying drugs that were inserted into her body during an operation, officials say.

She was sent to a local hospital where doctors removed two 500-gram bags of the drug that were in each of her breasts, according to officials.

The drugs, which were headed to Spain, according to authorities, have a street value of over $200,000.

The incident, which happened on February 24, is only now being reported.

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That same month, another 24-year-old woman allegedly tried to sneak half-a-pound of cocaine in her vagina before she was busted by border patrol agents at JFK Airport in New York City.

She was arrested and charged with narcotics smuggling.

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