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Heroin User Found Slumped in Police Department Bathroom: Cops

Lakeland, Florida police say 35-year-old Samuel Alicea used their office's bathroom to inject heroin and allegedly found his paraphernalia in the sink.

A Lakeland, Florida man was discovered unconscious after allegedly shooting up heroin in, of all places, the bathroom of a police office.

The Lakeland PD says 35-year-old Samuel Alicea entered the Lakeland Police Department to use the public restroom in the front lobby.

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After an officer at the front desk "heard a loud 'thump”' the officer knocked several times on the door to no avail.

The officer got the door open with a key and allegedly discovered Alicea lying on the ground unconscious and unresponsive with what appeared to be blood running down his arm.

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According to a statement posted to Facebook,  the officer observed several personal items in the sink including measuring spoons, small plastic baggies and a syringe.

Alicea was transported to an area hospital, where he was treated and released to police, who booked him on charges of possessing heroin and drug paraphernalia.

Alicea is due to be arraigned in Polk County court April 12.

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