In Time For Easter, New Movie Depicts Jesus as 7-Year-Old Boy

Other faith-based movies are also appearing in theaters ahead of the holiday.

Several faith-based films are hitting theaters just in time for Easter.

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God's Not Dead 2 is the sequel to the 2014 hit.

The film stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, and Robin Givens.

Givens told IE: “Bad things often happen to good people. For a lot of people their faith is a way for hanging on. It's nice to see that on the big screen.”

She also added: “It's a strange time where there seems to be turbulence everywhere and unrest and it's nice to have a film that just settles you.”

Another film, The Young Messiah chronicles the miracles performed by Jesus when he was just seven years old and is based on Anne Rice's bestselling novel.

The film is produced by Chris Columbus -- who worked on Home Alone and the Harry Potter movie series.

You hope someone's faith will be enhanced, if you're not a person of faith and you are not affiliated with any church group you can go see this movie with your friends, with your family and be moved by it,” he said.

In theaters now, Risen is the story of a Roman soldier’s search for the body of Jesus after the resurrection.

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Also in theaters is Miracles From Heaven, which stars Jennifer Garner, is based on the true story of the little girl who fell out of a tree and says she went to heaven.

The movie’s producer Davon Franklin told IE: “Hollywood thinks that audiences only want the superhero movie or the animated film, that's not true, audiences want a spectrum of content.”

And there's faith-based programming on the small screen, too. On Sunday, Fox will air The Passion, which will be hosted and narrated by Tyler Perry.

The two-hour musical is airing live from the streets of New Orleans. It's a re-telling of the last hours of Jesus’ life, told from a modern perspective.

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