Daredevil Driver Defends Speeding Through The Streets in Souped-Up VW Bug

Blake Wilkey, who was slapped with violations for the stunt, says he made sure no one else was on the road.

A hooked-up Volkswagen Bug with 35-inch wheels flew over hills, sped down residential streets and drove up embankments.

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The crazed driver was careening through neighborhoods and parking lots on a quiet Sunday morning in San Diego.

Construction worker Blake Wilkey, 27, claims he took all necessary precautions when he got behind the wheel and started driving like a maniac.

“We scanned the streets making sure there was no one out and about doing yard work or kids out,” he said.

Blake posted the video online and did nothing to hide his identity. He even plastered his name on his car, “Wilkey,” which made it incredibly easy for cops to find him.

San Diego City attorney Jan Goldsmith told IE: “He gave us everything, and there was video of this reckless driving and there he was smiling and taking full credit for it.”

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His crazy driving on city streets got him slapped with 26 violations including reckless driving and conspiring to commit a crime.

“It's like playing Russian roulette with your car,” Goldsmith said.

The driver says he made the video as a last hurrah to celebrate selling his prized hot rod for $63,000.

Now, he’s driving around in his truck and, he says he is obeying all traffic laws.

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