Cops: Angry Customer Throws 13-Foot Python Into Sushi Restaurant, Freaks Out Diners

A sushi restaurant customer became irate and dumped a 13-foot python into the middle of the eatery, police said.

There's raw, and then there's still moving.

Sushi diners freaked out when an angry patron dumpted a 13-foot, very much alive python into their midst and then stomped out of the eatery, police said.

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Hiroshi Motohashi had earlier been asked to leave after annoying people trying to enoy their meals by flaunting a smaller snake, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

He exited, but then returned with a substantially bigger serpent and unceremoniously threw it  on the floor, sending screaming diners rushing for the door, employees told KCBS-TV.

The 46-year-old man had eaten and paid for $200 worth of sushi when managers first told him to leave.

When he came back with the python, patrons started shrieking, waitresses said.


"You know, everyone's like eating, so customers are yelling 'Get this thing out! Are you crazy?''' recounted server Jessie Davaadorj.

Motohashi refused to leave and was "starting fights with the customers so we had to call the police and fire department," said waitress Sissi Dashtort.

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The snake tried to escape, but got trapped. Animal control workers eventually freed it and impounded it Sunday night. 

Motohashi was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats, according to the LAPD. It was not clear whether he had entered a plea.

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