Teen Missionary Who Survived Brussels Attack Speaks From Hospital: 'I Feel Lucky'

Nineteen-year-old Mason Wells, from Utah, remains in intensive care.

An American teenager who survived the terror attacks in Brussels has spoken from his hospital bed.

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Nineteen-year-old Mason Wells, from Utah, remains in intensive care in Brussels after suffering severe burns in one of the blasts on Tuesday. His face is fully bandaged.

"I lifted off the ground," he told CNN. “My body got really hot and then really cold. I was covered in a lot of fluids, a lot of blood."

Mason is one of three American Mormon missionaries who were wounded as they waved off a French missionary, who was heading to the U.S. from the Brussels airport.

He added: "I felt lucky to have escaped." 

CNN also showed the touching moment Mason was reunited with his parents who flew from Utah to be at his side.

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Wells added that while he is recovering in the hospital, others had it worse and he is praying for them. 

He is no stranger to terror. Incredibly, the teen was near the finish line in the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 and was also in Paris during the terror attacks last November.

On Tuesday, he was with other missionaries who were also injured. Richard Norby, 66, and Joseph Empey, 20, also from Utah, were seriously hurt. A fourth, Fanny Clain, suffered minor injuries.

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