See How Synthetic Marijuana Turns Its Alleged Users into Zombies

INSIDE EDITION joined police in Florida as they responded to alleged drug users.

Synthetic marijuana has the power to turn users into zombies, Florida police told IE.

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Officer Richard Linkewicz of the St. Petersburg Police in Florida took IE on a ride-along to see the effects of the latest drug scourge.Many seem to be strung out on synthetic marijuana which is also known as Spice or K2.

Police tell INSIDE EDITION that Spice can be bought in public parks for as little as $1.

“It’s just horrendous what’s going on here,” said one cop.

People have different reactions to smoking K2, some mellow out while other become violent.

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Officers asked one man, "When did you last smoke?”

“An hour ago,” he said.

Police warn that even smoking one puff of the dangerous substance may be enough to turn you into "the walking dead."

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