Woman's Baby Toe Is Amputated After Infection from Pedicure

"When you're dealing with these chemicals, and there's a cut, what do you do?" Attorney Daniel Rafii said.

A California woman has sued her local nail salon, claiming she lost a toe after it became infected from a pedicure injury.

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Sonia Algara filed a lawsuit earlier this week against Dynasty Nails in Santa Clarita, alleging a baby toe had to be amputated.

Her attorney, Daniel Rafii, told InsideEdition.com Algara was a first-time client at the salon about a year ago. She received a small cut that became infected, which may have been exacerbated by her diabetes.

She went to the hospital the same day. A week later, the toe was amputated.

She now has trouble walking up stairs, because she loses her balance and falls, her lawyer said.

"I had no idea how impactful the small toe could be to your equilibrium," Rafii told IE.com. Algara has also been emotionally and psychologically scarred, and is hesitant to leave her home.

Rafii said he wants the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology to set new health standards for nail salons.

"There should be a grading system," Rafii said. "We have social media reviews of places that can help, but personally, I don't believe that is sufficient, or a reliable source for the public at large to know if the place is safe."

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A salon employee told InsideEdition.com he knew nothing about the lawsuit.

According to the salon's website, workers use "disposable tools" and "fully sanitized equipment".

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