Man Frustrated With People Having Sex Outside His Home Has Started Filming Them

He has the full support of his neighbors and cops.

One California citizen is so fed up with what's going on at the park outside his Sacramento home, he's set up an arsenal of surveillance cameras all the way up a light pole to record the activities.

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Marty, the neighborhood watchman said: “I have seen and recorded 50 some sex events.

One couple was getting frisky out in the open for any passerby to see. Afterwards they adjust their clothing, and then took off.

Another couple cuddled and then got behind the wheel and drove away.

For other lovebirds, as things got steamy, Marty actually confronted them.

“I’m just a guy protecting my neighborhood and my family,” he told IE.

Marty, who asked us not to use his full name, is a concrete salesman. He says when he moved into the neighborhood, he loved the park. By day it's a scene of pleasant, family-friendly activities where children play but it's another story at night.

In some videos he saw a man rolling up a joint. In another incident he caught teens drinking in the park.

“I video everything,” he said. “We either offer it to the police to use as evidence against them or we put it up on YouTube.”

Not everyone thinks Marty is doing the right thing. Online, he's controversial.

“People deserve their privacy,” wrote one critic.

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“People think I’m shaming them but we're not. It was originally started for just neighborhood watch,” Marty admitted.

He seems to have the total support of his neighbors, and the sheriff's department is also expressing support.

Sgt. Tony Turnbull of Sacramento Sheriff's Department said: “If we get there and that crime is no longer happening and he says he's seen as a witness and provides us with the video, it just strengthens his case.”

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